17 Grams

A specialty coffee shop in the heart of Brighton & Hove.

Formally known as ‘The Plant Room’, 17 Grams still maintains the same ethos, culture and welcoming atmosphere, and so the owners found themselves in need of a complete overhaul to properly re-introduce themselves back to the coffee scene.
17 Grams has a very loyal customer base, however “The Plant Room” name was firmly ingrained into their mind. The aim of this rebrand was to give 17 Grams the same level of brand awareness as The Plant Room.
We explored a range of stylistic approaches before settling on the final current design, partnering on brand, print and signage.

"We wanted something minimalist and professional, yet playful and welcoming."

The 17 Grams logo became an adaptable centrepiece to the physical space you might find it in: A destination coffee shop that would photograph well for instagram.

From Source To Sip

We introduced a subtle contour pattern to the brand pack as a nod to the many locations that 17g source their coffee from.