The store cupboard for bakers of all shapes and sizes.

A lot goes into making a good loaf of bread. It takes care and attention to detail, patience and quality ingredients. Patrick created BakeryBits with the same principles; only sourcing the best quality products at a reasonable price, always providing a happy and thriving life for his long term employees, and maintaining a responsible approach to packaging.
BakeryBits had grown naturally over a period of 12 years by the time we met, but the brand and web presence was stuck in the past.
Distil created a brand strategy, architecture, visual & verbal identity and web experience that brought Patricks values to life.

BakeryBits, as the name suggests, sells just that. Bits to bake with.

We created a playful visual identity for BakeryBits that can adapt to the environment it’s featured in. Adding a little character with a friendly flourish to the ‘k’ and indents on the ascenders.

Visual and verbal strategy

We carried out a host of interviews and in depth analysis during the research phase of this project. What emerged were some strong themes around quality, community and sustainability. From here, we crafted a tone of voice to fit.