An official CrossFit licensed event, the BTC / BMC were the first of their kind in the UK, welcoming athletes of all ages to compete for the title of Britains Fittest Teen / Master.

Two years after its inception in 2015, the team at BTC / BMC decided it was time for a brand update. As the competition grew in popularity, it was important that the brand had a strong identity.
BTS / BTM wanted a bold new logo for the competition that held on to the essence of the original. We delivered on this alongside supporting graphics and apparel.

A Flexible Solution

The logo design needed to be able to flex to house each individual event title, as well as a combined title: “British Teen Championships”, “British Masters Championships” and “British Teen & Masters Championships”.

Finally, in June 2021, the competition officially became a CrossFit® licensed event, and was recently taken over by CrossFit Southampton.