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Qbic Hotels

Award Winning Website

The previous website already converted well but had a lot of room for improvement. Primarily we looked at improving user experience and brand communication, always remembering not to be afraid to have fun with it. The end result was a responsive website that works seamlessly across all devices, converts at a high rate and communicates the brand effectively.

Printed Assets To Be Proud Of

Once the re-brand challenge was complete and we were armed with a toolkit we loved, creating stationary and internal brochures for the team was easy, and guest communications became simple and fun.


In order to provide help to guests, support local business and improve SEO, we created an insiders online guide to the local area featuring hints and tips for events, food, drink, art, music, shopping and general London fun for all.

This guide is can be found on the main Qbic Hotel website making it accessible on any device. A large touchscreen can also be found within the hotel lobby enabling guests to browse for a place to go before they leave the building.


In order to celebrate the local talent in East London we created a series of events called QbicSessions. These events range between live music performances, networking events and spoken word nights etc.

#QbicSessions has enabled Qbic Hotel to tap into a community of people who are becoming tastemakers and ambassadors for the brand.


As a design hotel it was important to portray Qbic in the best possible light, so we conducted regular photoshoots in and around the building to keep imagery fresh and relevant.

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