Blood Red Shoes
Website, Art Direction, Soundcloud API

Blood Red Shoes

Holding Page

The holding page showing a teaser trailer before the clues were released. We created bespoke media player controls to add to the look and feel


Treasure Hunt In Progress

Only two cities left to find their clues and unlock the final sections of the song. Here you can see who was responsible for finding and scanning each city clue.


Track Unlocked

All clues found, the song unlocks and as does the rest of the site. We created an api that allowed us to pull the track from soundcloud and created a custom player that animated the waveform as it played.

Check out this video explaining the idea and the fun that followed



Due to the fact that the site was going to be visited using mainly mobile devices, particularly during the treasure hunt, we needed to make sure that every part of this site was fully responsive and easy to use at whatever scale.

hey guys!

just wanted to say a massive thank you from myself and laura, the site looks great and worked great yesterday! for the small amount of time it went wrong it was awesome how fast you guys were on the case sorting it out, and ironingout the little bug when a naughty french girl tried to cheat haha. really love how the whole interface works and that it doesn't look like anyone else's website. 

we've never had any online launch run so smoothly, and even tho we really hoped the song would all be unlocked yesterday, we didn't really expect it would actually happen that fast. couldn't have done it without you guys! sx

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